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11 Vessels Needed Icebreaker Assistance Last Week

The MA multi-purpose vessel EVA-316 and the tug Castor serviced 11 ships in Pärnu Bay and the Gulf of Riga last week. The Castor will continue working in the area until 00:00 hrs on 21 February 2012. All ships entering or leaving the Port of Pärnu are still required to have ice class 1C and main engine output at least 1600 kW.

The thickness of ice between the Port of Pärnu and the islet of Sorgu is up to 45 cm and hummocked ice is to be found between Sorgu and the island of Kihnu. The ice sheet extends to 10-15 miles west and south of Kihnu, but the thickness of ice from the ice edge to Kihnu does not exceed 20 cm.
In the Gulf of Finland, icebreaker assistance is currently not needed due to the favourable southern winds, but the situation may change if northern winds should become prevalent.