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7th Meeting of Chart Datum Working Group

On 11-12 February 2015, the seventh meeting of the Chart Datum Working Group (CDWG) took place at the Estonian Maritime Administration in Tallinn.
It was the draft proposal of Estonia to establish the CDWG for the harmonization of chart datum of the Baltic Sea which was adopted by the decision of the 11th Conference of the Baltic Sea Hydrographic Commission (BSHC) in June 2005.

The objectives of the CDWG were to help countries to work out principles for harmonization of unified and common chart datum for the Baltic Sea. Various geodetic height datum systems in use by the Baltic Sea states so far have caused differences in assessment of vertical reference levels between adjacent states, as well as complications to navigators in establishing the Mean Sea Level.

The main aim of the current CDWG meeting was to get an overview of the situation in different countries, timeline and decisions relating to the transition of harmonized common chart datum. Other matters discussed next to putting together the Big Picture were drafting of agenda for the working group 2015-2016, development of proposals with necessary future actions for the BSHC 20th Conference as well as designing cooperation with other international organizations.