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Preparations for the Coming Navigational Season


On 16 April 2018, MA service vessels EVA-318 and EVA-320 were launched at Hundipea Harbour. In winter the vessels underwent surveys, and maintenance and repairs were carried out.

Launching the vessels marks the beginning of and preparations for the coming navigational season. Already at the end of last week the buoy tender Sektori began launching floating aids in Tallinn Bay. The EVA-318 is operating in the same area, heading for the West Estonian archipelago later. The multi-purpose vessel EVA-316 has finished icebreaking activities and is ready to carry out fairway service operations in West Estonian archipelago.

The service vessels in Tartu which operate on inland water bodies are planned to be launched next week.

Winter Navigation Season Concluded


On the basis of subsection 45 (51) of the Maritime Safety Act, and section 2 and subsection 4 (3) of Regulation No. 265 of the Minister of Economic Affairs and Communications of 23 December 2003 “Procedure for Icebreaking Activities”, Director-General of the Estonian Maritime Administration has issued a Directive concluding icebreaking activities in Pärnu Bay and in the Gulf of Finland on 12 April 2018. This cancels the traffic restrictions imposed on vessels entering and leaving the Port of Pärnu (ice class 1C and main engine output at least 1600 kW) and the Port of Sillamäe (ice class 1D and main engine output at least 1200 kW).

This information will be made available in Notice to Mariners and on the MA website, as well as transmitted via NAVTEX.

Winter Navigation Season Coming To An End


As the Bay of Pärnu and the Gulf of Finland around the Port of Sillamäe are ice free and no vessels required icebreaker assistance during the weekend, this winter navigation season is finally over. IB Botnica is still on standby at Sillamäe but already scheduled to leave the area for Paljassaare Harbour on 10 April.

The Botnica operated in the vicinity of the ports of Kunda and Sillamäe from 22 February, assisting ships on 84 occasions and using about 552,000 litres of fuel. IB Tarmo replaced the Botnica for three days at the beginning of March, helping 4 vessels and using 47,000 litres of fuel.

Similarly, in Pärnu Bay vessels do not require icebreaking service any longer. During the season, the MA multi-purpose vessel EVA-316 assisted ships in 121 instances, with tugs belonging to Alfons Håkans providing icebreaking service in 103 cases while the EVA-316 was undergoing repairs for a technical malfunction. 303,000 litres of fuel was used for icebreaking activities in the Bay of Pärnu during the season.

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