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A Hundred Children at Hundipea Harbour to Celebrate European Maritime Day

On 20 May, the European Maritime Day was celebrated. It has become a nice tradition at the Estonian Maritime Administration to observe it by hosting students at Hundipea Harbour. This year, four groups of schoolchildren between ages 9 and 15 arrived at the MA office at Hundipea. In order to raise awareness of the importance of the maritime industry and popularise the maritime professions, the students were taken on a tour on the icebreaker Tarmo and MA employees talked to them about the everyday work of the Administration.

As summer is nearing, more and more people engage in water sports and enjoy recreational activities at sea and on lakes and rivers together with their families. Thus it is vital to stress the importance of maritime safety, so the children were given an overview of various aids to navigation. In addition, they were instructed how to use life jackets and the difference between types of life jackets was pointed out.

Visits to the MA and our ships have become rather popular among the youth, so MA specialists are hopeful that our message about maritime safety and the significance of the maritime field for our country is reaching wider audiences with the help of these events.