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New Vessel Ready to Service Prangli Line


On 31 October 2013, the newbuild WRANGÖ will be delivered in Leppneeme Harbour and sent on her maiden voyage.

The vessel was built from 19 March 2012 to 23 October 2013 by Reval Shipbuilding OÜ to provide regular service between the island of Prangli and the mainland. WRANGÖ is an ice-class passenger ferry-boat with a steel hull and can carry up to 72 passengers, as well as 2 cars or a 10-tonne truck on board. The length of the ship is 24.7 m, breadth 6 m, maximum draft 1.9 m, and speed 10 knots (maximum speed 12 knots). The vessel shall be able to move in level ice with a thickness of up to 20 cm.

The WRANGÖ is owned by the state but will be operated by AS Kihnu Veeteed, the successful bidder in the procurement organised by Viimsi rural municipality government.

The cost of the newbuild is 2,985,600 euros (VAT incl.), covered entirely by the European Regional Development Fund. The construction of the ferry-boat was ordered within the framework of the project “Acquiring vessels for the provision of a connection between the mainland and the small islands”, as were the catamaran RUNÖ delivered in 2012 to service the Ruhnu line, and the aluminium-hulled ABRO launched in spring 2013 to service the Abruka line.

The WRANGÖ will improve the quality of life for the locals on the island of Prangli by providing a better connection with the mainland and enabling the transportation of goods and vehicles. Also, in the tourist season, the new vessel will ensure better access to the island for visitors whose numbers amount to about 5000 each year, thus supporting local entrepreneurs.

WRANGÖ (photo by Kunnar Nilp)

New Book About the History of Estonian Lighthouses Published


The Estonian Maritime Administration has published a book by Peeter Peetsalu entitled “The History of Maritime Culture. Lighthouses on the Estonian Coast”. The 880-page book gives a fascinating overview of the heritage of maritime culture in Estonia by presenting the personal recollections of former seafarers as well as ancient legends and tales, and it contains numerous historical photos and pictures of old charts and documents.

The new book was printed at Tallinna Raamatutrükikoda (Tallinn Book Printers) and published by the Maritime Administration in collaboration with the Menu Kirjastus publishing house, and it is now available at book stores.


BSHC Annual Conference in Tallinn


On 16-18 September 2013, the 18th Baltic Sea Hydrographic Commission (BSHC) annual meeting takes place in Tallinn. The BSHC is one of the regional commissions of the International Hydrographic Organization (IHO). Its objective is to organise cooperation between the states around the Baltic Sea in order to perform hydrographic surveys, compile navigational charts and disseminate navigational information. The activities of the Commission have a direct impact on the attempts to improve the safety of vessel traffic in areas where the density of traffic is constantly growing and the related risks are ever increasing. The BSHC has been remarkably efficient, setting an example to other regional commissions in the world with regard to action planning and cooperation.

At the conference in Tallinn, the member states will give an overview of the activities of the previous period, and the working groups will present their reports and information about the current problems in the field of hydrography (EU maritime policy; the boundaries and names of the maritime areas in the Baltic; the trends in laser bathymetry; the status of the BSHC Internet domain; the Estonian hydrographic information system, etc.). The Commission is going to discuss next year’s action plan, elect a new chairman and vice chairman, and agree on the time and place of the next annual meeting. The participants are also going to visit the Estonian Maritime Administration’s hydrography vessel Jakob Prei and the Seaplane Harbour of the Estonian Maritime Museum.

All Baltic Sea states are taking part in the 18th BSHC meeting, except for Lithuania who is not yet a full member of the IHO and has therefore been able to participate in the annual conferences as an associate member. Also present will be the director of the IHO, Mr Mustafa Iptes, and Kerrie Howard as an observer from the UK Hydrographic Office.

The BSHC conferences are organised on a yearly rotating basis in each member state. The last meeting arranged in Estonia took place in 2001.

Additional information: Baltic Sea HC (BSHC)

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17.05.2013 European Maritime Day 2013
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