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Backup Icebreaker Needed in Pärnu Bay Due to Technical Malfunction of EVA-316

Despite a spell of rather warm weather winter navigation season continues and icebreaking assistance is needed in Pärnu Bay. The edge of the ice sheet is located at about 12 miles SW from the piers of the Port of Pärnu, with a thickness of 10 to 20 cm and the ice is partially hummocked. All ships need icebreaker assistance to get through that area.

Since 18 January 2018, the Maritime Administration’s multi-purpose vessel EVA-316 has been operating in the Bay of Pärnu, having assisted ships on 31 instances so far. Yesterday a technical problem occurred, though, and repairs may take up to a week.

The state has a contract with the company Alfons Håkans who will provide a backup icebreaker if needed. As a result, the tug Protector is going to replace the EVA-316 while the latter is undergoing repairs. The Protector should reach Pärnu on Wednesday, 31 January. At the moment, two cargo vessels are awaiting icebreaker assistance at the edge of the ice sheet. The exact location of the Protector can be viewed at the website

The state has allocated 6.376 million euros for icebreaking services in 2018, collected from shipowners and ship agents as fairway dues.