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European Maritime Day in Estonia – Children at Hundipea Harbour

On Monday, 21 May, the Estonian Maritime Administration celebrated the European Maritime Day (EMD) by hosting schoolchildren at Hundipea. The children had a tour on icebreaker Tarmo and talked to MA specialists who explained to them the importance of improving navigational safety and taught the children to put on lifejackets properly and tie knots.

In 2008, it was agreed by the Council of Europe, the European Parliament and the European Commission to celebrate annually the EMD on 20 May, in order to draw public attention to the significance of maritime affairs for mankind. The Estonian Maritime Administration has established the tradition of inviting schoolchildren to visit our office at Hundipea Harbour and letting them take a peek at the everyday work of our employees in the hope of piquing their interest in the activities related to the sea, either recreational or professional.