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The history of the Estonian Maritime Administration dates back to 1918, when the newly independent Estonian State founded the Maritime Safety and Navigational Auxiliary Service office on November 13, 1918, as part of the Command of Tallinn Port (renamed the Ports Authority a month later).


In addition to the existing authority, the new Pilots, Lighthouses and Aids to Navigation Authority office and the Board of Waterways, Ports’ Dredging and Repair office were founded on February 1, 1919. In 1920 the General Authority of Maritime Issues, directly subordinate to the Ministry of Trade and Industry, was founded.


The General Authority of Maritime Issues was renamed the Waterways Authority in July 1929, and the Waterways Department in 1938. The most important tasks of the Department at that time were to organise vessel traffic at sea and on inland waterways, draw up new development projects for ports and maintenance plans for waterways.


Our maritime office had to conclude its work on December 31, 1940, when the Ministry of Defence of the Soviet Union assumed the responsibility. The hydrography and aids to navigation sector was subordinated to the Hydrography Service of the Soviet Union Navy, cartography and navigational information to the Navy’s central administrative board.


The Estonian Maritime Administration could resume its work on December 1, 1989, when it took over the full responsibility for maritime issues in Estonia.