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Ice-Breaking Begins in Pärnu Bay

According to the Directive of 27 December 2005 by Director-General of the MA, the ice-breaking activities in Pärnu Bay are to begin on 1 January 2006. Beginning with that date, all ships entering or leaving Pärnu Port and assisted by an ice-breaker are required to have ice class no less than 1C (Lloyd’s Register) or an equivalent ice class given by other classification societies, and to have engine power no less than 2000 kW. Barges towed by tugboats will not be given ice-breaker assistance.


In the coming ice-breaking season the ice-breaking services in Pärnu Bay are provided by AS PKL which will first send into the area the tugboat Mars flying the Estonian flag with a propulsion power of 2680 kW. When the ice conditions become more serious this can be replaced with a more powerful tugboat – the Eridan, with a propulsion power of 3730 kW.


At the moment the ice thickness in Pärnu Bay is approximately 10cm and reaches up to 12 nautical miles from the coast.