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Icebreaking Season Almost Over

On Monday, 20 March 2016, spring began and thus the winter navigation season is drawing to a close. The ice conditions are letting up on Pärnu Bay: the ice edge is about 8 NM SSW from the piers of the port, there are large moving ice floes, and last weekend ships could move without icebreaker assistance. The thickness of the ice sheet varies from 10 to 30 cm and ice hummocks can be found. The MA multi-purpose icebreaker EVA-316 is monitoring traffic on radar and gives directions over the radio if needed.

The EVA-316 has been carrying out icebreaking operations since January 10. During this period, it has assisted ships entering and leaving the Port of Pärnu in 233 instances and used 372,000 litres of fuel.

According to Mr Martin Kaarjärv, icebreaking coordinator of the MA, the winter navigation season in the Gulf of Riga and Pärnu Bay will probably end this week or at the beginning of next week. In the Gulf of Finland, it is already over, with the I/B Tarmo in Hundipea Harbour and the I/B Botnica in Paljassaare Harbour. The latter gave assistance to ships entering and leaving the Port of Sillamäe in 10 instances this winter. All traffic restrictions have been cancelled.