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New Height System EH2000

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Upcoming Events Affecting Vessel Traffic in Estonian Waters


The arrival of spring means that numerous events will be organised on inland water bodies and in the sea areas of Estonia, and these will have an impact on vessel traffic. Here is a short list of the biggest events in the near future.

Until 25 May mine countermeasures exercises Open Spirit are taking place in three separate areas: in the Väinameri Sea, in the vicinity of the tip of the Sõrve peninsula in Saaremaa, and near Tallinn in the Gulf of Finland. On 19 May, a public event will be organised on the river Emajõgi in Tartu and vessel traffic will be closed temporarily between the bridges Kaarsild and Võidu sild. On 20 May, maritime search and rescue competitions will be held in Tallinn bay, at the Seaplane Harbour and Noblessner Harbour. Several regattas and sailing competitions are also being organised.

The Maritime Administration reminds both participants of these events and navigators who happen to be in the specified areas to be especially careful.

Information about navigational warnings can be found on the MA webpage under “Local Navigational Warnings” (


Navigational Season for Recreational Craft Begins in May


Navigational season has begun for recreational craft, and Maritime Administration’s inspectors are already working at sea, on inland waters and also at harbours. On 1 May, the navigational season’s opening ceremony was organised in Tartu at the Emajõgi river, at Karlova harbour. Inspectors from the the Small Craft and Inland Vessel Department of the MA participated, advising those present about legislation concerning the safety of vessel traffic and distributing relevant information material.

Here is a little reminder for all skippers before they head out to sea or inland water bodies:

• Make sure the craft and equipment are in working order
• Pay attention to weather conditions and assess your own skills and knowledge
• Navigate when sober and wear a life jacket
• Consider other navigators
• Preserve the environment
• Always have a working communication device with you


MA Has A New Workshop at Rohuküla


On 24 April, the construction company Nordlin Ehitus OÜ delivered to the Estonian Maritime Administration (MA) the renovated workshop at Rohuküla harbour. The construction company fixed the main structures of the building and repaired the roof and the walls. The old heating, water and power systems were replaced and in addition to the repair shop, the modernised building now also contains offices and non-work rooms with all modern conveniences, improving the workplace for MA employers significantly. The renovation of the whole building cost 618,000 euros, VAT excluded.

The MA uses Rohuküla workshop for the maintenance of floating aids to navigation used in the Väinameri sea, as well as in sea areas in the West-Estonian archipelago and around Pärnu.


17.04.2018 Preparations for the Coming Navigational Season
11.04.2018 Winter Navigation Season Concluded
09.04.2018 Winter Navigation Season Coming To An End
28.03.2018 New Issue of Journal of Maritime Administration Affairs Published
27.03.2018 Freezing Nights at the End of March and Beginning of April – Icebreaking Continues

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Hotline and navigational warnings

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Report deviations in the operation of aids to navigation, situations potentially hazardous to vessel traffic, or violations of maritime safety regulations, as well as pollution and security incidents:

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Local navigational warnings

NAVTEX warnings in the Baltic Sea

List of Lights (PDF) (updated monthly)

List of Lights - Inland Waterways

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