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Maritime Administration Employees Participated in Translation and Terminology Seminar

For the fifth time, Estonian translators from the European Commission Directorate-General for Translation (DGT) gathered in Tallinn on 4 January 2018, meeting with a number of freelance translators and representatives of terminology committees and other partners in order to discuss cooperation between translators and experts. This time the annual seminar focused on machine translation (MT) and terminology.

Two Maritime Administration employees, Ms Malle Hunt and Ms Annika Naame, participated in the seminar as members of the Maritime Terminology Council, which recently has been working under the aegis of the Estonian Maritime Administration and is celebrating its 45th anniversary this year.

Ms Malle Hunt, as a representative of experts and terminologists, talked about the work of the experts and their expectations regarding cooperation with translators. Ms Hunt has attended the seminar on all five occasions together with other members of the Maritime Terminology Council. The latter is unique among terminology committees in Estonia in that it has been meeting actively for over forty years and contributed to the development of specialised vocabulary in Estonian, publishing an English-Estonian Maritime Dictionary (available on the Maritime Administration’s website), Mereleksikon (Maritime Lexicon), Mereviki (Online Maritime Encyclopaedia) and other materials.