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Minor Damage Caused to Vessels in Collision

Last night, on 21 February 2012, an incident took place during the icebreaking operations in the Gulf of Riga, near the island of Kihnu. A collision between the Gibraltar-flagged M/S Lettland and the MA multi-purpose icebreaker EVA-316 caused minor damage to both vessels. The EVA-316 proceeds with her icebreaking activities, and the Lettland continues her voyage to Iggesund, Sweden.

The Maritime Administration has opened an investigation into the incident, and the authorities in the port of destination of the Lettland have been informed.
According to the Maritime Safety Act, icebreaking operations are deemed to be high risk activities which are carried out upon mutual agreement of an ice breaker and the master of a ship being assisted. Proprietary damage caused to the icebreaker and the ship assisted by the icebreaker in the course of icebreaking activities shall be borne by the person who sustained damage, unless the person who sustained damage proves that the damage was caused intentionally.