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New Height System EH2000

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New vertical chart datum BSCD2000

On 01 January 2018, the common European height system EVRS (European Vertical Reference System) will be adopted in Estonia, which means that the absolute heights and depths are going to be given with reference to the Amsterdam Ordnance Datum (Normaal Amsterdams Peil, NAP).

There is an international agreement to start using on the charts of the Baltic Sea and in navigational information a common vertical chart datum that corresponds to the new height system and is called the Baltic Sea Chart Datum 2000 (BSCD2000). In Estonia, EVRS heights are marked with the abbreviation EH2000, with EH referring to Estonian Heights and 2000 to the land uplift in 2000.

The transition from the 1977 Baltic height system BHS-77 to the common European height system means that 14 to 26 centimetres will be added to the absolute heights, depending on the area, and subtracted from the depths in coastal waters.

The new navigational charts compiled starting from 01 January 2018 will give the data on heights and depths in accordance with the new height system and refer to the new vertical chart datum BSCD2000. At first, electronic berthing and harbour charts will be updated, and on the basis of these corresponding paper charts will be compiled. Introducing the new height system on all navigational charts is a time-consuming process, and during that period, navigational charts compiled according to the old and the new height system will be used simultaneously. It is extremely important therefore to consider both the chart datum on the chart and the actual water level while navigating in areas with small under keel clearance.