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Protector Continues Icebreaking Operations in Pärnu Bay

Ice conditions in Pärnu Bay as of Monday, 5 February:

* the edge of the ice sheet is 17 miles SW from the piers of the Port of Pärnu; in the bay there is newly formed ice with a thickness of ca 5 cm; the current freezing temperatures favour intensive ice formation and about 3 to 5 cm of new ice forms within each 24-hour period;

* the thickness of ice in the bay is 10–20 cm, and around 2.5 to 3.5 miles towards the sea it is hummocked or heavily hummocked;

* all ships, whether in ballast or loaded, need icebreaker assistance in the area with hummocked ice.

Since 31 January, the tug Protector has been working in Pärnu Bay, having serviced vessels in 15 instances; the EVA-316 offered assistance in 31 instances until 31 January.

So far, icebreaking assistance has been required 46 times in total and 63,000 litres of fuel has been used. The MA multi-purpose icebreaker EVA-316 is still awaiting repairs, as the fixing of the technical malfunction depends on the availability of spare parts.

Click on the picture to see the ice chart of the Estonian Weather Service.