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Renovation of Kübassaare Lighthouse Now Finalized

Kübasssare Lighthouse has been subject of extensive renovation for quite some time now. The Contract was concluded by and between the Maritime Administration and GT Corporation SE, the successful bidder, in August 2015 and Works on 18 m high metal lighthouse tower on a concrete base could begin. The cost by Contract Price for Works is 88 967 EUR. This January 2016 after mandatory procedures the Works were approved and adopted.

Rene Arikas, Director-General of the Maritime Administration underlines the importance of the task for the state and says that due to modernization the lighthouses have lower fixed costs and technically modernized lighthouses ensure safer conditions for vessel traffic and prevent accidents. He adds that lighthouses as local landmarks and sites in the landscape setting have also a symbolic value in terms of regional development and though Kübassaare Lighthouse is not regarded as a valuable cultural monument, its complete renovation was important from the aspect of its preservation and safety of navigation.

Extensive renovation works were performed both externally and internally, including concrete reinforced base, lantern room with gallery and modernization of electrical installation.

Kübassaare Lighthouse with a range of light 11 nautical miles is situated on the eastern coast of Saaremaa, in the easternmost part of the island and is now fixed up, technically modernized and saved from further deterioration.