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Two MA Specialists Completed IALA Level 1 Aids to Navigation Manager Course

Two Maritime Administration employees, Maarius Utso and Lauri Toomiste from the Aids to Navigation Department completed Level 1 AtoN manager course in France in October, organised by the IALA World-Wide Academy (WWA). Upon completion of the course the participants received an international certificate confirming that the holders have finished a training course according to a curriculum approved by IALA. and thus able to organise administration of AtoNs in keeping with international requirements.

The objectives of IALA are to promote the harmonisaton of systems of AtoN all over the world, ensure safe and efficient vessel traffic and simultaneously protect the environment, while the WWA aims at supporting those objectives through training and capacity building. The WWA was founded in 2012 and it operates at the IALA headquarters in Saint-Germain-en-Laye in France.

The Estonian Maritime Administration, as a governmental agency responsible for ensuring the safety and security of water traffic in Estonian waters, considers its employees a highly valuable resource and is therefore constantly urging its specialists to participate in refresher and updating courses provided internationally. Previously two MA cartographers, Nele Savi and Dana Kuznetsova, had completed a Category B Accreditation in the Standard Competence for Marine Cartographers at the training centre in Taunton, the UK. That course was arranged by the International Hydrographic Organization.