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Upcoming Events Affecting Vessel Traffic in Estonian Waters

The arrival of spring means that numerous events will be organised on inland water bodies and in the sea areas of Estonia, and these will have an impact on vessel traffic. Here is a short list of the biggest events in the near future.

Until 25 May mine countermeasures exercises Open Spirit are taking place in three separate areas: in the Väinameri Sea, in the vicinity of the tip of the Sõrve peninsula in Saaremaa, and near Tallinn in the Gulf of Finland. On 19 May, a public event will be organised on the river Emajõgi in Tartu and vessel traffic will be closed temporarily between the bridges Kaarsild and Võidu sild. On 20 May, maritime search and rescue competitions will be held in Tallinn bay, at the Seaplane Harbour and Noblessner Harbour. Several regattas and sailing competitions are also being organised.

The Maritime Administration reminds both participants of these events and navigators who happen to be in the specified areas to be especially careful.

Information about navigational warnings can be found on the MA webpage under “Local Navigational Warnings” (