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New Height System EH2000

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Winter Navigation Season Concluded

On 11 April 2018, Directive No. 1-1-1/51-OP of the Director General of the MA was issued, concluding icebreaking activities in Pärnu Bay and in the Gulf of Finland on 12 April 2018. This cancels the traffic restrictions imposed on vessels entering and leaving the Port of Pärnu (ice class 1C and main engine output at least 1600 kW) and the Port of Sillamäe (ice class 1D and main engine output at least 1200 kW).

This information will be made available in Notice to Mariners and on the MA website, as well as transmitted via NAVTEX.


Cancellation of Traffic Restrictions

Directive 1-1-1/46-OP of 21 March 2018 of Director General of the Estonian Maritime Administration

On the basis of subsection 45 (5) of the Maritime Safety Act, subsection 2 (1) of Regulation No. 127 of 20 October 2015 of the Minister of Economic Affairs and Infrastructure “Requirements for the construction, management and the state of ice roads”, and an application by the Estonian Road Administration dated 18 March 2018:

1)      Restore vessel traffic in Haapsalu Bay south of Seasaar Island and east of Rohuküla-Sviby fairway;

2)      Restore vessel traffic in Hiiu Väin east of the Sõru-Triigi fairway;

3)      Restore vessel traffic in Kihnu Väin west of the Munalaid-Kihnu fairway;

4)      Repeal Directives No. 25-OP of 16 February 2018 and No. 37-OP of 01 March 2018 by Director General of the Estonian Maritime Administration.

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Rene Arikas

Director General

Winter Navigation Department


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