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A Wreck on the Bottom of the Gulf of Finland Identified As a Submarine


Last Wednesday, the MA hydrographers reviewed 8 wrecks discovered previously in the Gulf of Finland, using the sidescan sonar of the hydrographic survey vessel Jakob Prei. One of those wrecks, laying north of Naissaar Island close to the Finnish border, turned out to be the wreck of a submarine at the depth of 77 metres. It is 57 to 59 metres long, 6 to 7 metres wide, and up to 7 metres high.

It is most likely a Shchuka-class submarine of the Soviet Navy used in the Second World War. Three of those submarines went missing in action, and this wreck is most probably one of them. According to the historical data available, it must be Shch-317 which was attacked in that area in 1942. However, until the wreck has been explored in more detail, we cannot be absolutely sure which submarine it is.

During this season, the MA hydrographers discovered 21 new wrecks while carrying out hydrographic surveys, and reviewed 16 wrecks discovered previously. All in all, 2,487 square kilometres were surveyed at sea and 50 square kilometres on Lake Peipsi. According to these numbers, this was the second successful year after 2014 in terms of how large an area was covered.

The MA vessels used for hydrographic surveys were Jakob Prei, EVA-320 and KAJA at sea, and EVA-301 on Lake Peipsi. Hydrographic surveys are an important part of the responsibilities of the MA. As a result of the work of our hydrographers navigators will have more accurate charts and safer waterways.


Two MA Specialists Completed IALA Level 1 Aids to Navigation Manager Course


Two Maritime Administration employees, Maarius Utso and Lauri Toomiste from the Aids to Navigation Department completed Level 1 AtoN manager course in France in October, organised by the IALA World-Wide Academy (WWA). Upon completion of the course the participants received an international certificate confirming that the holders have finished a training course according to a curriculum approved by IALA. and thus able to organise administration of AtoNs in keeping with international requirements.

The objectives of IALA are to promote the harmonisaton of systems of AtoN all over the world, ensure safe and efficient vessel traffic and simultaneously protect the environment, while the WWA aims at supporting those objectives through training and capacity building. The WWA was founded in 2012 and it operates at the IALA headquarters in Saint-Germain-en-Laye in France.

The Estonian Maritime Administration, as a governmental agency responsible for ensuring the safety and security of water traffic in Estonian waters, considers its employees a highly valuable resource and is therefore constantly urging its specialists to participate in refresher and updating courses provided internationally. Previously two MA cartographers, Nele Savi and Dana Kuznetsova, had completed a Category B Accreditation in the Standard Competence for Marine Cartographers at the training centre in Taunton, the UK. That course was arranged by the International Hydrographic Organization.

2016-2017 BIM Report Available on BIM Website


The latest Baltic Icebreaking Management (BIM) icebreaking report has been prepared and published. It gives an overview of ice conditions in the Baltic Sea in the 2016-2017 season. Also, detailed information about icebreakers used by the member states (Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Russia and Sweden), as well as icebreaking costs in each country, has been included.

Estonia is currently holding the chairmanship of BIM, and one of the tasks of this position is to draw up a statistical analysis of the past winter navigation season; therefore the latest report was prepared the Estonian Maritime Administration.

The report isavailable in the PDF format on the organisation’s website

05.10.2017 Maritime Directors Meeting in Tallinn on 4 October
31.08.2017 Clarification of the exemption from the requirement for obtaining a residence permit or a visa for seafarers
03.08.2017 New Issue of Journal of Maritime Administration Affairs Published
17.07.2017 Maritime Administration Acquired a New Boat
05.07.2017 SRC Group Studies Technical Condition of Icebreakers

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