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EMA Looking For Consulting Company to Carry Out Study of Technical Conditions of Icebreakers


The Estonian Maritime Administration published a tender to find a consulting company to perform technical evaluation of the icebreaker Tarmo and the multi-purpose vessel EVA-316 in order to plan life extension works of the vessels. The successful bidder will be asked to prepare a preliminary draft including a technical evaluation and a feasibility study. Based on the result of this analysis, an investment decision to upgrade the vessels will be made by the Estonian Maritime Administration.

The necessary preparations for the intended life extension works require mapping in detail the current technical condition of both vessels and their compliance with requirements, taking into account the specifics of icebreaking; on the basis of the mapping results an analysis needs to be carried out, highlighting possible technical risks that can have an impact on the performance of the ships in the Gulf of Finland or constitute an impediment to the activities of the vessels. The ultimate goal is to prolong the life span of the icebreakers for at least another 15 years.

Tenders can be submitted until 9 May 2017. More detailed information about the procurement can be found on the public procurement website E-Procurement Estonia.

These activities constitute one component of the EU project WINMOS II, to which also the Estonian Maritime Administration is partner. The project is financed through the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) instrument.


New Application to Display Navigational Warnings


The Estonian Maritime Administration has launched a new application that enables the user to display local navigational warnings either according to the nature of the warnings or their location.

The warnings created in the application are automatically sent to the State Infocommunication Foundation, which periodically forwards maritime radio communications to navigators via Tallinn Raadio VHF channels. In addition, the application sends navigational warnings that are relevant to international vessel traffic in the Baltic Sea to the Swedish Maritime Administration that administers the information distributed via NAVTEX.

The advantage of the new application is that it displays the locations of all current navigational warnings in a compendious manner, so that navigators have a clear overview of the warnings that are relevant to their particular routes. The warnings can be read by either clicking on the marked places on the chart that is displayed or by selecting a warning on the list of warnings in the margin. The application only displays the navigational warnings that are currently in effect.

We hope that in the coming navigational season the new navigational warnings application will also be widely used by skippers of recreational craft who can learn this information before they put out to sea.

The application can be found at (the warnings are published both in Estonian and English). It requires Internet connection and can be used with all operating systems and connected devices.

By default the background chart is grey, but MA’s official electronic navigational charts can also be displayed to have even more detailed information regarding the location that a navigational warning applies to, as well as the navigational conditions in that area.

Winter Navigation Season Concluded


On 29 March 2017, the Director General of the MA issued Directive No. 1-1-1/57-OP concluding icebreaking activities in Pärnu Bay on 31 March at 00:00 hrs. This cancels the traffic restrictions imposed on vessels entering and leaving the Port of Pärnu. Even though as recently as last weekend the ships in the area needed icebreaker assistance, they can now move on their own through the melting ice which has turned dark grey and poses no difficulty for ships.

The EVA-316 has given assistance to vessels in the Gulf of Riga and Pärnu Bay on 250 instances and used 395,000 litres of fuel. In the Gulf of Finland icebreaking operations lasted for a few days in February and March; icebreaker assistance was needed by vessels entering or leaving the Port of Sillamäe on 10 instances. Icebreaking service was provided by the I/B Botnica

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